The Five S’s: Steps For Wine Tasting

Just the name of wine exudes elegance and richness. The flavors, the fragrance, the feeling that a wine-drinking process emanates is one untouched by any other drink. To taste wine like a pro that makes the process both thrilling and unforgettable, you need to know the correct way wine tasting and the sequential steps.

Steps involved in wine tasting
At the mention of tasting a fine wine, you may probably think of just taking a sip and gulping it down. However, there’s more to it because a fine wine should be tasted with a fine process.

The 5 S’s
● See- First of all, you need to observe the glass of wine. Observe the hues and hints of color in the drink. It is believed that the color of wine meets its true tone against a white background and a room that has good lighting. The color of the wine can also suggest its flavor.
● Swirl- Before the wine of glass touches your lips, give it a little and light swirl. This gives an idea of whether the wine is light or heavy. If the color is deep, then the wine is heavy and vice versa.
● Sniff -This is where your nose comes into play. Take a sniff of the wine to get a sense of the wine’s quality and indulge your sense in an aromatic experience as well. This gives you an idea of the flavor as well.
● Sip- Take a slightly longer sip of your wine and let it linger in your mouth for 3-5 seconds. This is where the flavors and all your senses come alive. It allows you to sense the flavor, the weight, the texture, and the quality of the wine.

Well, you’ve got to savor what gives you a delightful flavor! Next time you go on this wine adventure, make sure to follow these steps and elevate your Experience.