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Different formats of odds in sports betting

When playing on poker game, you will come across the various types of odds formats. Though the principle fundamental behind odds tend to be quite straightforward, the odds are a bit complicated. There are three types of formats, which include:
• Fractional odds
• American odds/Moneyline
• Decimal odds
At some point, the chances are that you are going to encounter all of them. For that reason, you will need to ensure that you are conversant with each one of them. Though they work almost the same way, they have some differences when it comes to expressing the odds on a certain wager.
Moneyline or American odds
Also known as American odds, money line is a format you will find utilized in the USA when you are making bet basketball or betting soccer. It can be displayed in a positive or negative number. With a positive, it is an expression of how much correct a wager could be in winning $100, while in the negative, it shows how much you would have to stake in order to win $100.
Decimal odds
It used to be mostly associated with Canada, mainland Europe, and Australia. But at the moment, you will find them utilized in most of the online bookmakers apart from the USA sites for betting. The reason behind it is that it is the most straightforward of the three formats and are normally just expressed as a positive number to two decimal places, such as 2.25
Fractional odds
It refers to the traditional format utilized in the UK, although the decimal odds are being preferred to the fractional. To calculate the potential payouts and profits with the format, it can be quite tricky when starting asian bookie football com, but the principle behind it is not as complicated as it might seem. Like with the money line, odds, the fractional odds show the amount that is potential for the profits you can easily make. For the total potential payout to be calculated, you will need to add the original stake.

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