Becoming a Greyhound Boarder

Operator B (Operator Bus) is a psychological thriller written by Dan O’Brien. In 1989, during the United States Military’s Recovery operation, a crashed UFO was recovered from the Nevada desert. A few months later, that same plane was operator b training (operator b opleiding) operational once more. Willard Farley, America’s best pilot ever, has just hanged himself. Why?

The plot revolves around the life of an operator B, stationed at the Air Force Academy at Shaw Air Force Base in Texas. When a strange phenomenon causes the death of all those on board the plane, B is ordered by his superiors to undergo a psychological evaluation before being deployed to continue flying military missions. With the threat of death hanging over his head, B must ensure production schedule and overall productivity. His only means to achieve these goals is by ensuring his crew is ready to go when he orders them.

Once ordered into the Air Force, operator b sets out on a mission to prove himself. Initially, his assignment is to supply support to military units in nearby Afghanistan. However, to everyone’s surprise, B ends up stranded on a desert island without any way to get back to the US. With no one to help him, B makes up his mind to learn the basics of forklift operation. With the high school diploma or general education degree in mathematics skills, B sets out to fulfill his work instructions and return to duty.

As an operator, B’s primary responsibility is to unload and store military aircraft at various air bases throughout the country. While doing so, he is ordered to take care of a cargo of planes that are grounded due to a myriad of reasons… among these is weather conditions. Although the operations provided by the operator B are crucial, B must ensure production standards are not compromised in any way in order to perform his duties. Working under the guidance of highly experienced seniors, B must ensure quality performance in order to maintain production…

Once back in Atlanta, operator B prepares to undergo another rigorous training program in order to enhance his skills. The second half of the training involves operator’s license training in a third party state. With his operator’s license in hand, B can now find employment opportunities with his newly acquired operator’s license in Atlanta. In addition to ensuring production standards in his workplace, B is also now able to apply for higher paying positions with national companies in order to ensure he receives all the raises and promotions offered to other operator’s who have attained a higher level of proficiency.

Training for greyhound operators has become quite standardized across the country. This is a positive step towards reducing training hazards for both students and instructors alike. Instructors are now able to identify problematic behaviours in order to help their trainees better understand their respective Greyhounds. The development of the C.O.T.E (Certified Organiser Training Enterprise) concept has also made training much more streamlined and relevant for today’s operator.