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Weapon modifications are items that are unlocked, purchased (via Marketplace or Contacts), and equipped to give bonuses and penalties to your weapon. Coloured modifications are mututally exclusive, meaning for example that you cannot have multiple red (Barrel) modifications.

Receiver Modifications

Modification Icon Effect Rating Cost Unlock
3-Point Sling 1 3-Point Sling 1.png Decreases Equip time by -13% 2020 1000010,000 Sniper (3)
3-Point Sling 2 3-Point Sling 2.png 3030 2000020,000 Sniper (8)
3-Point Sling 3 3-Point Sling 3.png 4040 6000060,000 Sniper (13)

Flare Ammo

Mobility Sling



Barrel Modifications

Barrel mods affect damage capability and accuracy.

Modification Icon Effect Rating Cost Unlock
Improved Rifling 1 Improved Rifling 1.png Increases effective range by +3m
Increases maximum reticle bloom slightly
2020 1000010,000 Marksman (4)
Improved Rifling 2 Improved Rifling 2.png Increases effective range by +5m
Increases maximum reticle bloom moderately
3030 2000020,000 Marksman (9)
Improved Rifling 3 Improved Rifling 3.png Increases effective range by +7m
Increases maximum reticle bloom substantially
4040 6000060,000 Marksman (14)

Heavy Barrel

"Heavy Barrel"
Reduces the amount of accuracy lost from sustained fire, but reduces the amount of damage done by individual shots. Useful for High Velocity Rifles where the reduced damage has no real effect, they still kill in 2 shots, but those 2 shots are more easy to place. Also useful for LMGs which lose accuracy greatly under fully automatic fire, however, beware the loss of damage versus players.

Cooling Jacket

"Cooling Jacket"
Cooling Jacket increases the rate of fire but reduces accuracy. Works well on SMGs and Shotguns where accuracy isn't an incredible concern and where it can work well with Reflex Sight (see below).

4 Round Burst

ACES Extended Barrel

ACES Short Barrel

Muzzle Break (Horizontal)

Magazine Modifications

Ammunition mods affect ammunition amounts and reloading times.

Magazine Pull

"Magazine Pull"
Makes reloading your weapon quicker, but reduces the amount of ammunition held by the weapon, causing reloads to be needed more often. Useful for SMGs where quick reloads can mean the difference between life and death, weapons with high damage and large magazines but long reload times like the N-TEC and the ALIG and for some shotguns. Note that with shotguns, they have so few shells in that magazine pull sometimes doesnt actually reduce the ammunition count. For example the NFAS-12 has an ammunition count of 5 with both magazine pull rank 2 and 3.

Extended Magazine

"Extended Magazine"
Increases the amount of ammo held in the weapon, reducing the frequency of reloading, but reloading takes longer once necessary. Good for weapons with a high rate of fire and short reload times, like SMGs, and to a greater extent both longer ranged weapons like High-Velocity Rifles where the extra ammo is useful but the extra reload time is negligible and LMGs where the large standard magazine size is valued. Knowing the time it takes to reload well makes this mod useful on almost every weapon however.


Increases the total amount of ammo carried, but increases the amount of time it takes to resupply from an Joker Ammo Vending Machine or the Field Supplier crate. This modification is technically useful for any weapon, including the OSMAW where a regular OSMAW carries very little rockets to fire. Its greatest strength is that its penalty is not very severe; the increased resupply time is almost a given, and it's almost not a drawback at all. If you can stay alive long enough to benefit from this mod, then fair game.

Curved Magazine

Double-Drum Mag

Upper Rail Modifications

Sight mods affect accuracy down the sight and from the hip.

Hunting Sight

"Hunting Sight"
Increases accuracy when using marksmanship mode (when you're zoomed in) and increases the level of zoom by a small amount, but accuracy when not using marksmanship mode is reduced. Useful for High Velocity Rifles where the extra zoom helps when firing at longer ranges (Note: the zoom bonus is the same for all 3 ranks of Hunting Sight), assault rifles benefit greatly for burst fire use at medium to long range and can also be useful to improve the accuracy of LMGs at the cost of accuracy when running (which should NEVER be done, all LMG fire should be while crouching and stationary). It is also important to note that SMGs and Shotguns do not benefit from marksmanship mode, making this useless, see Reflex sight.

Reflex Sight

"Reflex Sight"
Reduces the zoom of marksmanship mode and reduces the accuracy benefits of marksmanship mode but increases accuracy while not using marksmanship mode. The best use for this mod is on SMGs and shotguns who recieve no benefit from marksmanship mode anyway, except to slow you down and get you killed. Increased accuracy while staying mobile is alot more useful. It's also useful on assault rifles, mostly the STAR 556, the N-TEC to a lesser degree. Not recommended for weapons that require careful aim with marksman ship mode, such as any sniper rifle, or for LMGs despite how useful the extra mobility may seem.

3-Post Dot Sight

High-Magnification Scope

Hunting Sight: "Anubis"


Silencer mods are modification that are only available on Armas weapons, like the OCA-626 'Whisper' and Obeya FBW-SD.

Pistol Silencer

"Pistol Silencer"
This modification is fixed in slot and can't be changed.

SMG Silencer

"SMG Silencer"
This modification is fixed in slot and can't be changed.

Sniper Silencer

"Sniper Silencer"
This modification is fixed in slot and can't be changed.

clear="both" />

Integrated Rifle Silencer

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