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Threat Level is the game's way of determining your skill level compared to other players. The formula for assessing threat level takes into account wins, losses, and participation in missions and whether the player is on the team with a threat advantage or disadvantage compared to the other team. Since Patch 1.6.1 threat level is calculated for all characters on the account to prevent gold threat players from creating low-threat characters.

Threat groups

Threat level is split into 4 color coded categories depending on your threat. Green is the most basic, followed by bronze for novices, silver for standard quality players and gold for the highest rated players. The symbol itself is based on your rating (which can only go up to 235). Your rank based symbol is colored to represent your threat level and you will be teamed with and against played with a similar rating of threat.

Gold players count for more on a team than lower ratings do, so two silvers might find themselves teamed up against a gold. Or 3 silvers may find themselves against 4-5 bronzes. If a team is disadvantaged for threat then their leader will have the option to call for backup.

District rewards

If a player manually joins a district that does not match his current threat level, he will be punished in rewards depending on the difference between his threat level and the district threat level. The percentages are 25%, 50% and 90% reducements. This applies only to districts that are chosen via a manual selection of the instance, and it also applies for players who have a higher threat than the selected instance has. If your threat level changes while in an instance, you will also get reduced rewards.

Joining as a group or being put into a non-matching district by the system by clicking the district picture on the main selection screen will not reduce the rewards even if the resulting instance has a different threat level than the character.

Threat icons

Enforcer TL List Criminal TL List
Rank 0-9 "Recruit" EnforcerRankings.png Rank 0-9 "Scrub" CriminalRankings.png
Rank 10-19 "Officer Second Grade" Rank 10-19 "Lookout"
Rank 20-29 "Officer First Grade" Rank 20-29 "Burglar"
Rank 30-39 "Senior Patrolman" Rank 30-39 "Looter"
Rank 40-49 "Master Patrolman" Rank 40-49 "Rioter"
Rank 50-59 "Lance Corporal" Rank 50-59 "Anarchist"
Rank 60-69 "Corporal" Rank 60-69 "Hooligan"
Rank 70-79 "Senior Corporal" Rank 70-79 "Thug"
Rank 80-89 "Sergeant" Rank 80-89 "Associate"
Rank 90-99 "Senior Sergeant" Rank 90-99 "Prospect"
Rank 100-9 "Detective Third Grade" Rank 100-9 "Gangster"
Rank 110-9 "Detective Second Grade" Rank 110-9 "Brawler"
Rank 120-9 "Detective First Grade" Rank 120-9 "Footsoldier"
Rank 130-9 "Detective Sergeant" Rank 130-9 "Heavy-Hitter"
Rank 140-9 "Detective Lieutenant" Rank 140-9 "Psycho"
Rank 150-9 "Lieutenant" Rank 150-9 "Killer"
Rank 160-9 "Captain" Rank 160-9 "Hired Gun"
Rank 170-9 "Deputy Inspector" Rank 170-9 "Cleaner"
Rank 180-9 "Inspector" Rank 180-9 "Fixer"
Rank 190-5 "District Commander" Rank 190-5 "Hitman"

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