Percussion Grenades

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Percussion Grenades
Percussion Grenades
Enforcer Unlock
Health Damage Percussion Grenades
Stamina Damage Percussion Grenades
Hard Damage Percussion Grenades
Blast Focus  ?
Blast Radius  ?
Fuse Timer  ?
Faction  ?
Rating  ?

General Information

The Percussion Grenade is a grenade that detonates on impact, unlike the other grenades in APB.

Player Intel

This makes them an ideal backup for when your target is low on health, but you have to reload. A lot of players consider percussion grenades to be "cheap" and as a result they have been nerfed, but still have uses for Cop and LTL players. They are one of the only ways to stun a Enforcer (if he falls from a great height) but due to lack of cuffs a Criminal can't do anything with a stunned Enforcer.

Combined with LTL, however, a Percussion Grenade can assist greatly. If equipped with a Stabba - CCG or Stabba - NL9, using the Percussion Grenade before reloading (after landing a few shots) will usually end up in a stun because the grenades do more stamina damage than health damage. These grenades also have a decent amount of Hard Damage; two well-timed throws will take care of more than 50% of a vehicles life (dumptruck/vehicle modifications not included).

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