Percussion Grenades

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Percussion Grenades
Percussion Grenades
Enforcer Unlock
Health Damage Percussion Grenades
Stamina Damage Percussion Grenades
Hard Damage Percussion Grenades
Blast Focus  ?
Blast Radius  ?
Fuse Timer  ?
Faction  ?
Rating  ?

General Information

Percussion grenades are the only type of which is impact detonated (rather than having a fuse) this makes them an ideal backup for when your target is low on health, but you have to reload. A lot of players consider percussion grenades to be "cheap" and as a result they have been nerfed, but still have uses for Cop and LTL players. They are one of the only ways to stun a Enforcer (if he falls from a great height) but due to lack of cuffs a Criminal can't do anything with a stunned Enforcer.

Combined with LTL, however, a Percussion Grenade can assist greatly. If equipped with a Stabba - CCG or Stabba - NL9, using the Percussion Grenade before reloading (after landing a few shots) will usually end up in a stun because the grenades do more stamina damage than health damage. These grenades also have a decent amount of Hard Damage; two well-timed throws will take care of more than 50% of a vehicles life (dumptruck/vehicle modifications not included).

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