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Type: Semi-Auto Rifle
Price: $3,188
Criminal Unlock: Britney Bloodrose Level 8
Enforcer Unlock: Ty Durrant Level 8
Damage: OBIR
Stamina Damage: OBIR
Vehicle Damage: OBIR
Rate of Fire: OBIR
Reload Speed: OBIR
Mobility OBIR
Effective Range: OBIR
Clip Size: 24
Ammo Carried: 150
1-Slot Unlock: Marksman Rank 5
1-Slot Price: $11,626
2-Slot Unlock: Marksman Rank 10
2-Slot Price: $18,390
3-Slot Unlock: Marksman Rank 15
3-Slot Price: $22,650
Weapon Data Incomplete due to in-game changes
The main benefit of burst-fire rifles over semi-automatic ones is that they allow the same amount of shots on target with far less effort, while still maintaining almost the same accuracy. The Obeya Burst-fire Infantry Rifle also has more range than the CR762 and those few extra meters can make all the difference when trying to land a full burst on target. It takes three bursts to take down an enemy, but although those nine bullets do seem like asking much from the user, one burst from an OBIR is just as fatal as a DMR round. Although bursts can be fired off quickly, it is worth timing shots in order to maintain accuracy.

Effective use of ground level cover such as walls or doorways will allow users of this weapon to strafe in-and-out of cover between bursts while waiting for their crosshairs to stabilize. This technique is best employed when defending an objective, especially while on guard with at least part of a group as it allows the player to focus on locking down one entry route, without having to watch their back. It is important to remember, however, that this weapon loses a lot of accuracy when fired on the move, so even though the player may be strafing in-and-out of cover, he should always come to a stop when firing.

With a small amount of practice the strafe then shoot technique can be done very quickly and can be especially useful in close combat situations. The main downside to this weapon is the speed at which it can go through ammunition. It packs 240 rounds, not including the other 24 attached in the magazine, which allows it to endure the battlefield just as long as any other weapon, but this means that maintaining the weapon for use is very expensive, which could become costly in a long-term situation.

Since this weapon is by no means accurate at close ranges, the OBIR is best paired with a machine pistol, most notably the S-AS PDW since it is much more difficult for players to hold their own ground with an N-FA 9 than the PDW.

Weapon Modification Rating
Modification Rating Optimal Rank
Wpnmod 3-point sling.gif 3-Point Sling 2star-rating.jpg 3
Wpnmod heavy barrel.gif Heavy Barrel 3star-rating.jpg 3
Wpnmod cooling jacket.gif Cooling Jacket 2star-rating.jpg 3
Wpnmod improved rifling.gif Improved Rifling 2star-rating.jpg 3
Wpnmod magazine pull.gif Magazine Pull 2star-rating.jpg 3
Wpnmod extended magazine.gif Extended Magazine 2star-rating.jpg 3
Wpnmod bandolier.gif Bandolier 2star-rating.jpg 3
Wpnmod hunting sight.gif Hunting Sight 3star-rating.jpg 3
Wpnmod reflex sight.gif Reflex Sight 1star-rating.jpg 1
NOTE:The weapon modification rating is a player chosen rating attempting to give an idea of which mods work well with which weapons.


|style="text-align:left"|OBIR.1 "Desert Storm" |style="text-align:right"|$7,516 |20 |Byron Bloodrose Level 8 |Grissom Level 8 |NA |style="text-align:left"|Extended Magazine 1 Icon Extended Magazine 1 |style="text-align:left"| |style="text-align:left"| |-

|style="text-align:left"|OBIR.2 "Desert Storm Mk-II" |style="text-align:right"|$11,626 |30 |Seung Bloodrose Level 8 |Miguel Estebano Level 8 |NA |style="text-align:left"|Extended Magazine 2 Icon Extended Magazine 2 |style="text-align:left"|Improved Rifling 1 Icon Improved Rifling 1 |style="text-align:left"| |-

|style="text-align:left"|OBIR.3 "Desert Storm Mk-III" |style="text-align:right"|$18,390 |30 |Tyron Sennet Level 8 |Kaspar Danko Level 8 |NA |style="text-align:left"|Extended Magazine 3 Icon Extended Magazine 3 |style="text-align:left"|Improved Rifling 2 Icon Improved Rifling 2 |style="text-align:left"|Hunting Sight 1 Icon Hunting Sight 1 |-

|style="text-align:left"|OBIR.4 "Desert Storm Mk-IV" |style="text-align:right"|$22,650 |85 |Michael Simone Level 10 |Justin Teng Level 10 |NA |style="text-align:left"|Extended Magazine 3 Icon Extended Magazine 3 |style="text-align:left"|Improved Rifling 3 Icon Improved Rifling 3 |style="text-align:left"|Hunting Sight 2 Icon Hunting Sight 2 |-