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This is a general purpose FAQ for the GamersFirst release of APB: Reloaded



What is APB: Reloaded?

APB: Reloaded is a pseudo-MMO Free2Play Cops-and-Robbers game.
Play as an an "Enforcer", a vigilante given the power to enforce the law by the "City Security Act" as an extreme measure to try and cut down on the large amount of crime that has taken the streets of San Paro to hell. Arrest criminals, neutralize potential terrorists, and protect the people of San Paro using everything from sidearms to rocket launchers.
Play as a "Criminal". Take what you want, when you want. It doesn't matter how hard San Paro tries to crack down on crime, you will work your way to the top. Smash storefronts, steal cars, mug civilians, plant bombs and work with the drug trade. Avoid too much attention from the Enforcers, or go all out; it is entirely up to you and how hard you want to push back.

How much does APB: Reloaded cost?

APB: Reloaded is Free2Play and part of the GamersFirst network with various perks given to "premium" members. It is free to start, and free to enjoy. Check the home site for APB: Reloaded.

What are the names of the servers for APB: Reloaded?

Colby (West NA), Joker (East NA), Obeya (Germany EU1), Patriot (Germany EU2), HAN (Hong Kong, and Premium only)

How can I play APB?

  1. Create a G1 Account if you don't already have one.
  2. Download APB from Gamers First.
    1. Also available on Steam
  3. Install APB
  4. Launch APB
  5. Wait for game to update itself
  6. Click Start
  7. Login with your G1 username/pass / synchronize with Steam and enjoy!

User Accounts

Are accounts region specific?

A player starts with two Character slots. When creating a Character, a player can choose any of the servers to play on, so accounts are not generally region-specific. E.g., a player in Germany may create a Character that inhabits the Colby world.


Having Issues installing or patching APB?

  1. Go to options in APB Launcher and hit repair. If issues continue go to step 2.
  2. Download the APB Launcher and read the instructions.txt in the .7z file.
  3. If you are missing any files you can download them from Mirror 1 or Mirror 2
  4. If your Launcher will not update you can download the patches from Patch Mirror 1 or Patch Mirror 2
  5. If you are still having issues then you can visit the Forums.

What are the minimum and recommended system specifications?


  • Minimum:
      • OS: Windows XP
      • Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz or equivalent
      • Memory: 2GB RAM
      • GPU: nVidia GeForce 7800 256MB
      • Hard Drive: 15GB
      • Sound: DirectX 9 Compatible Audio Card
      • Broadband Connection Required

  • Recommended:
      • OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 (We recommend a 64-bit operating system for the best experience)
      • Processor: 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Quad or equivalent
      • Memory: 4GB RAM
      • GPU: nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX 512MB or equivalent
      • Hard Drive: 15GB
      • Sound: DirectX 9 Compatible Audio Card
      • Broadband Connection Required

  • Player Recommended:
      • OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 x64
      • Processor 2.4Ghz Quad Core or better
      • Memory: 4GB RAM
      • GPU: nVidia GeForce 9800 1024MB or better
      • Hard Drive: A SECOND stand-alone (Not C:\) hard disk with at least 20GB
      • Sound: Dedicated Audio Card (Not Chipset)
      • Broadband Connection Required

APB: Reloaded crashes when I try and start it?

Crashes are common in the PC field, and require a bit of elimination to figure out what the problem is. The first few steps are to make sure your video and sound drivers are up-to-date.
ATI Video Cards
nVidia Video Cards
Creative Audio Cards
NOTE: Follow the instructions below to the letter. Use at your own risk.
You may want to consider using something like Driver Sweeper to ensure old installations of problematic drivers are completely removed.
Also try reinstalling .NET Framework, Visual C++ 2005 and 2008, and Physx
If things persist, feel free to ask/search for help at GamersFirst Forums.

What are the error codes and what do they mean?

APB: Reloaded Error Codes:
Error 10001 - Wrong patch.
Error 10004 - Someone else is logged into your account.
Error 10007 - Login server is down and will be back online shortly.
Error 8 - Login server is down or unreachable.
Error 9 - Same as Error 8, just with the worldwide servers.
Error 10010 - This means that your log-in details are incorrect. (Or your account is not activated)
- Try reseting your password by going to GamersFirst -> Log In -> Profile -> Edit Password (left panel)
Error 10013 - Correct log-in details but something else is stopping you from logging in.

Gamersfirst Error Codes:
Error 10008 - Account disabled by an Admin or Mod
Error 11001 - Account connection failed.
Error 11002 - Account is in pending status.
Error 11003/11004 - Account connection failed. Check username and password.
Error 11006 - Account doesn't meet the age requirement for APB.
Error 60004 - Character is locked into another district
- Post your character details here to have your character unlocked.

My Latency is horrible what can I do to fix this?

Latency can be viewed in game by typing entering the "/fps" command while in a Category:Districts.

1. Make sure Pando Media Booster is uninstalled as it could be using all available bandwidth.
2. Another option would be installing Leatrix Latency Fix by Clicking Here.
Some people confuse Latency issues with FPS issues. If you are having FPS issues this is caused by your computer and is most likely because your computer is not up to par. APB is an extremely demanding game on your CPU, GPU, and RAM.

My framerates are pretty bad. What can I do to increase them?

Frame rates can be viewed in game by typing entering the "/fps" command while in a Category:Districts.

First, double-check you are within the minimum (and more honestly, the recommended) system specs. Then start by turning the detail down. "Low" still looks great, and "Minimal" is there just in case. You might also want to ensure that you aren't using custom music, and that you have the "Capture" utility off (or turned down as much as possible).
Custom music has in the past caused massive performance issues on its own as it tries to read the music, and the capture utility is an intensive process that can take extensive CPU and time on the hard disk..
The actual performance gain is dependent on your system configuration. APB is not only demanding of the GPU, CPU, and RAM.

Punkbuster complains that it can't update because PNKBSTRB.exe is in use?

Punkbuster has (in my experience) been kind of flaky all the time, but in this case it shouldn't be a problem. Go ahead and ignore it unless you get disconnected during gameplay, to which you may want to consider a manual Punkbuster install.

Why do cars feel so odd when driving?

Cars in APB: Reloaded are controlled by the server, so you are in essence driving "on" the server.
For example, let's say you want to make a left turn. Normally you'd make a left turn, and the car would go immediately. If you have a bad connection, anyone else with a good connection would see you moving around as your position is updated after your control has been processed. The end result is that driving is chaotic, and not exactly smooth for everyone observing.
In APB: Reloaded, you want to make that left turn. You press "A" for the left turn, and the input is given to the server. The server then processes that command, and turns the car left where it is and gives you the position data. The end result is that controls feel delayed (especially on higher-latency connections), but everyone sees the cars relatively in the same spot. This prevents frustrating results where you might get hit by a lagging driver, who didn't really hit you on his side.
Latency and "server framerate" are the two factors that directly affect driving quality.


Can I move characters between servers?

No, once you assign a character to a world, it is there permanently.

Can I make a Criminal and an Enforcer on the same server?

Yes, just make a second character, and select the faction you prefer. You may need to buy an additional character slot on the ARMAS Marketplace.

Why can't I add tattoos while creating my character?

Tattoos can be added after the creation of your character in the Social District. Adding tattoos costs "APB" (in-game) cash.

How do I unlock more clothing choices?

You unlock more clothing choices by earning reputation with your contacts.

What are display points, and how do I earn them?

Display points are where you can show off your avatar, clothing, and cars. There are many in the Social District, and a few in the action districts.
For those points in the Social District, some are purchased in the market by filtering everything to "display point" and buying the appropriate token. You can find the name of the display point you want by examining it.
In the action districts, they are all pretty much first-come, first-served. They are hidden, and can sometimes be tricky to get to but once you get to them, you can spray your "symbol" or tag on it for all to see. There are a few competitive display points as well, though not many. Examine them to see what their requirements are.

As an Enforcer, how do I witness people, and what does it do?

When you see someone committing a crime you will see a handcuff symbol above their heads. To witness them just point the crosshair at them and press the alt (by default) key.
Once you are in a mission everyone will be fighting over the "dirty cash" that criminal received from crimes such as mugging or ramraiding. The winning team will split the money up and the losing team will receive almost nothing.
This does not count toward your Threat Level, nor will it add to your roles.

As a Criminal, what kinds of criminal-things can I do?

  • Ram Raids
    • Take a car, and hit a storefront's window! Window breaks, out falls pieces of awesome stuff like computers, safes, and jewelry.
    • Pick up the stuff and take it back to your contacts for money and reputation!
    • This is very noticeable, so Enforcers could spot you doing this easily.

  • Mugging
    • See that important looking businessman walking across the street from the subway station? If you go up to him and press "F", you can start mugging him for some cash, and also any items he's carrying!

  • Stealing Cars
    • See car, take car! All without the hassle of red tape (at the cost of attention of course.)
    • Take the car to a vehicle drop-off to get cash and reputation/rank. If it's in perfect condition, you'll get a bonus!

As an Enforcer, what can I do?

  • Witness criminals in the act!
    • See a criminal mugging a poor pedestrian or lifting goods to his contact? Hold alt while looking at a crime to start a witness mission! Take the "stash" back to your drop-off to get all his cash!

  • Return stolen property!
    • Find a criminal that's stealing things from pedestrians and storefronts? Take the items before the criminal does and drop them off at a contact!

  • Return stolen cars!
    • See a criminal riding around in a car that isn't his? If you manage to get it, you can return it to your own vehicle drop-off points for cash and reputation! If it's in pristine condition, you even get a bonus!

How do I activate my field supply?

After you equip it at a Joker Ammo Machine, press 5 to pull it out and rearm. It lasts for roughly 20 seconds and has a cooldown of 4 minutes (2 if you have premium). Keep in mind that you are VERY vulnerable. While using this as it takes a second to put it down, and pull to it back up.

How do I use my custom music?

Hit "P" to enter your playlist. You can then use the UI to import music by selecting the folder where your music is stored. At the moment, APB: Reloaded only recognizes MP3 formats, though a few have asked for m4a (iTunes) support.
Still having issues? Check out the Importing Music Guide.

My custom music doesn't seem to get identified by LastFM/APB:Reloaded. What can I do to help fix this?

LastFM bases its detection on tags embedded in the music files. First, make sure all your music is in MP3 format. This is the only format usable by All Points Bulletin.
You'll then want to use something like MusicBrainz Picard []. Use this to import your converted MP3 files (I find it best to move all the MP3s to another folder entirely) and use the "Lookup" tool on all the MP3s. This should automatically try and find what album the track belongs to, and will move it to the right. If it fails to find the track properly, your next tool is the "scan" tool.
The scan tool will have MusicBrainz Picard scan the actual music to try and identify it better. It's slower than the lookup tool, but can be effective on hard-to-identify racks.
Once you've identified all you can, look at the right side. Look through each album for any mis-matches. When it is done, right click on the album and save. Keep in mind that by default, Picard will replace tag data with the "proper" detected tags.
You should then be able to import these tracks into APB: Reloaded with a higher chance of having the tracks identified by LastFM.

What are contacts for, and what does pledging to them get me?

Contacts are used to climb up the "ladder" of each organization (organization are now disabled). They give you missions, cash, and rewards when you do well. Pledging to a contact forces all of your missions on that contact, allowing you to specify who you want to work for.
Tier 1 contacts are completed at level 5, regular contacts are completed at level 10, and boss contacts are completed at level 15.

How do I identify how much space my car has for cargo?

Look in the upper right hand corner, and you'll see a box with a number next to it. Smaller cars tend to have less space, while utility vehicles and trucks tend to have more. Once the car is full, you cannot put any more cargo into the vehicle, and must remove things before you can add more.
Loading up your car will affect your speed and handling "slightly", with the effect becoming more pronounced as more cargo is loaded.

What does matchmaking use to determine teams?

APB: Reloaded uses a combination of "Threat", Notoriety or Prestige, and how many players are in your group. The higher your threat, notoriety or prestige is, the more difficult missions become.

Why does matchmaking keep putting me against an "unfair group"?

Matchmaking is constantly being adjusted. Some limitations to be aware of include how many people are in your district, their threat levels in comparison to yours, and how many people are actively going into missions.

How does the video capture system work?

The video caption system works simply by pressing the semicolon ( ; ) while playing. This will start a recording using the settings in your "capture" options page. Options in there include things like resolution and other things. The higher the quality, the more disk space the recording will require and the more severe of a performance impact will be felt.
The "Quick Capture" is a handy little thing that records the previous 30 seconds of footage continuously allowing you to play and just hit record should something ridiculously awesome happen. That said, this has a massive impact on performance as the game is effectively recording your playing ALL THE TIME. For performance, it's best to turn it off (even on higher end machines).