Darryl Kent

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Darryl Kent
Darryl Kent
Faction Enforcer
Organization Prentiss Tigers
Tier 2
Prerequisite Stu Phoenix
Unlocks Chiza
District Financial

Darryl Kent is a lifelong friend to Orlenz' Moretti. He is the younger brother of Mirri Kent.


The original Prentiss whitebread college boy, and lifelong friend of Orlenz' Moretti. Orlenz' played football for the high school team. Darryl watched from the sidelines. Orlenz' got rip-assed drunk at beach parties and out-of-town keggers. Darryl was the designated driver always on hand to get him home safely. Everyone liked Darryl, but no-one ever figured him for a cool kid or tough guy.

A lot changed the night Chiza told Orlenz' and Darryl about the jam she was in with the Trasket Rollers. It was Orlenz' who decided that there was no way they weren't going to not help their buddy, but it was Darryl who came up with the ambush plan, and brought Nora and Chung-hee into it as back-up, when Orlenz' was all for popping out of that trunk and taking on about half a dozen Rollers on his own. Word got around about what had happened that night, and Orlenz' got the credit for the whole thing. Darryl didn't mind; he was used to standing on the sidelines, and, if something like the Tigers was going to happen, then it needed someone like Orlenz' at its centre, to draw in other people.

Darryl went off to college - John Holland University, in Midtown - but still hung around on the fringes of the Tigers scene. It was him that suggested the hit on a Blood Roses weapons shipment that started the Tigers' armoury of serious firepower, Darryl knowing it was exactly the kind of ballsy, high-octane move that Orlenz' would love, but he was content to remain more of an interested bystander than an active participant.

The Blood Roses thought otherwise. Either they found out that he was the brains behind that weapons hijack, and they were still burning about that particular little stunt, or they just saw him as a soft target of opportunity. Either way, they sent one of their poison pill pet psycho-bitches after him. Darryl survived, but took a couple of slugs in the legs and stomach, but the girl he was dating - they shared a couple of college classes together - died right in front of him, and one of her friends would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, when that little Blood Roses' bitch started spraying automatic rounds round the off-campus coffee shop where Darryl used to hang out.

After that, when he got out of hospital, Darryl figured he was going to have to come off the sidelines and get involved in the game. He's still at John Holland, but weekends and some nights he comes back to Prentiss to take his place in the line alongside the rest of the Tigers. He doesn't know which one of the Blood Roses it was that came after him - one of the Three Furies, most likely - but one day he's going to catch up with her and even the score.

Progression Chart

Darryl Kent Darryl Kent
Level Unlocks Standing
2 Colby PMG 28: TROJAN X-II, Various Clothing
3 Clotting Agent II, Happy Landings 2
4 JG-842: Firecracker EX
5 Colby RSA, Bomber Babe Symbol, Octo Pretty Symbol, "Sniper Fly" Clothing, "Ninjette X" Clothing
6 N-HVR 762b "Akula V2"
8 Obeya CR762.2 "Artic Blaze Mk-II"
9 SHAW 556 II "Wolf"
10 N-TEC 5b "KasatkaV2"