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Weapons in APB are very useful aids to successfully complete mission objectives. Each player has the option to choose a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, as well as a grenade type (two of which you can carry at a time). Players start out with the STAR 556 as their primary weapon, and the Obeya FBW as their secondary. Upon completing the tutorial or joining an action district players are given Frag Grenades via mail.

After leveling a specific contact to a certain level, additional weapons become available for a 10-day lease.

Weapons are swapped and reammunitioned by use of Joker vending machines, standing near contacts, at the trunks of cars that have the Mobile Supply Unit vehicle mod installed, or from resupply points created by players activating their Field Supplier upgrade in the field. Players may also resupply via any mailbox by pressing T (default reammunition key) while the Inventory is open.

Unlike other video games in which the primary weapon is the weapon to hold in your hands at all times and where the secondary weapon is only a temporary means of fighting, in APB, these bounds virtually cease to exist. While the primary weapon determines what your main focus of combat will be, the secondary weapon may be used just as much. It may be the truth that nearly all deaths in APB are caused by a primary weapon, but unlike a game of Call of Duty where the secondary may still be left untouched by the player, the secondary has EVERYTHING to do with the difference between a win and a loss. Take, for example, a rocket launcher user who can only walk while his weapon is equipped. Since he only has two rockets which may only guarantee one kill or less, he must use a secondary weapon to acquire most of his kills to make up for the loss. He will often buy a machine pistol or a pistol that can cover distance just as well as close-range. So in a situation such as this, he will still have an edge over the opponent, even if that edge is not as even as it should be.

Most weapons are tools of killing. However, Enforcers unlock Less Than Lethal weaponry to use that allows them to stun and arrest Criminals, thereby progressing the Cop Role.

Weapon Modifications

In addition to the generic versions of weapons, there are also Weapon Modifications which modify how weapons perform. Players make use of Weapon Modifications in two ways: They either lease un-modifiable pre-set weapons from contacts, which come with mods already installed, or they lease weapons that have customizable slots that can accommodate weapon mods the player has purchased.

Weapons can have from none up to three slots of modifications. Most weapons have a suffix that makes it easy to know how many modifications can be put on them:

Legendary Weapons

Since every Weapon you buy for ingame cash is only rented for 10 or 7 days and will expire afterwards, there is only one way to get a permanent weapon with ingame money which is to buy one of a player who payed real money. The only tradable Weapons are those won through a Joker Mystery Box (Armas). At the moment there are 12 legendary weapons:


Preset variations are listed on each weapon's page.

Assault Rifles

Enforcer Unlock Criminal Unlock
ATAC 424 Armas Armas
Joker CR-5
N-TEC 5 Chung-hee Level 10 Veronika Lee Level 10
STAR 556 Starter Weapon Starter Weapon
STAR 556 'LCR' Armas Armas
Scoped N-TEC 5 Armas Armas

Crowd Control Guns (LTL)

Enforcer Unlock Criminal Unlock
O-PGL 79 CD Cop Level 15
Stabba - CCG Chung-hee Level 2
Stabba - NL9 Cop Level 1
Stabba - PIG Chung-hee Level 5
Stabba - TG-8 Ty Durrant Level 5

Explosive Weapons

Enforcer Unlock Criminal Unlock
O-PGL 79R Justin Teng Level 6 Michael Simeone Level 6
OSMAW Orlenz' Moretti Level 6 Arlon Benjamin Level 6

High-Velocity Rifles

Enforcer Unlock Criminal Unlock
Agrotech DMR-SD Ty Durrant Level 6 Britney Bloodrose Level 6
Agrotech DMR-AV Armas Armas
N-HVR 243 'Sitting Duck' Joker Mystery Box Joker Mystery Box
N-HVR 243 Scout Armas Armas
N-HVR 762 Chung-hee Level 6 Veronika Lee Level 6

Light Machine Guns

Enforcer Unlock Criminal Unlock
ALIG 762 Ty Durrant Level 9 Britney Bloodrose Level 9
SHAW 556 Chung-hee Level 9 Veronika Lee Level 9

Secondary Weapons

Enforcer Unlock Criminal Unlock
ACT 44 Miguel Estebano Level 5 Seung Bloodrose Level 5
ACT44 Golden Marksman Armas Armas
Colby RSA Darryl Kent Level 5 Harmon Benjamin Level 5
Colby SNR 850 Unsure Unsure
Joker RFP-9 Ty Durrant Level 5 Britney Bloodrose Level 5
N-FA 9 Stu Phoenix Level 5 Shift Level 5
Obeya FBW Starter Weapon Starter Weapon
Obeya FBW-SD Armas Armas
S-AS PDW Grissom Level 5 Byron Bloodrose Level 5

Semi-Auto Rifles

Enforcer Unlock Criminal Unlock
Joker SR15 Carbine Ty Durrant Level 10 Britney Bloodrose Level 10
OBIR Ty Durrant Level 8 Britney Bloodrose Level 8
Obeya CR762 Chung-hee Level 8 Veronika Lee Level 8


Enforcer Unlock Criminal Unlock
Colby CSG-20 Armas Armas
JG-840 Chung-hee Level 4 Veronika Lee Level 4
NFAS-12 Ty Durrant Level 4 Britney Bloodrose Level 4

Sub-machine Guns

Enforcer Unlock Criminal Unlock
Colby M-1922
Colby M-1922 'Hazardous' Joker Mystery Box Joker Mystery Box
Colby PMG-28 Chung-hee Level 2 Veronika Lee Level 2
OCA-626 'Whisper' Armas Armas
OCA-EW 626 Ty Durrant Level 2 Britney Bloodrose Level 2



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