Bishada Rapier

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Bishada Rapier
Bishada Rapier
Manufacturer: Bishada
Cost: 40,000
Rating: 40
Vehicle Stats
Drive Type: RWD
Acceleration: Bishada Rapier
Top Speed: Bishada Rapier
23 m/s
Grip: Bishada Rapier
Durability: Bishada Rapier
Ramming Ability: Bishada Rapier
Cargo Capacity: Bishada Rapier
Passengers: 2

The Bishada Rapier is a Criminal 2-door sports car with great acceleration and top speed, but low durability and ramming ability.


The Bishada Rapier is the Criminal equivalent to the Patriot V20 Jericho (with superior performance but inferior durability), and seems to be modeled after a Toyota Supra. It experiences maximum statistics in acceleration and top speed, possibly even faster due to the car's erratic behavior when applying the throttle. However, these specifications make handling a weakness, especially in accelerating while turning around corners where the driver is most likely to collide with other objects. Durability is a big weakness of this car, as it is claimed that the Jericho is much stronger than this car, and collisions must be avoided as much as possible. Its cargo space is limited as well, only enough to hold a desktop computer, a safe, or any other large objects. For inexperienced drivers, it is recommended that while driving around corners, ease up on the throttle until the car is perfectly straight, then apply more power, as an inexperienced driver may not react to over steer which is quite common when driving a high-performance car.


Vehicles exist in their base model, and slotted and preset variants. The base model is the no-slot original version of the vehicle. The slotted versions have one to 4 open slots. Preset variants have non-customizable designs and / or modifications.


Initial vehicles have no open slots for Vehicle Modification choices. "Open slot" versions of vehicles can be unlocked by gaining Contact levels.

Preset Variants

Preset variants have some combination of predetermined paint jobs, Vehicle Components, or Vehicle Modifications, and are not customizable.

Model Rating Faction Unlock Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3 Slot 4
Shadowstrike Interceptor 0 Enforcer Aletta Cadagan Level 20 Nitro Booster Icon Nitro Booster Fast-Fix Chassis Icon Fast-Fix Chassis Mobile Radar Tower Icon Mobile Radar Tower Muffler Icon Muffler

Vehicle Components


  • The rapier was called the GX 8800 in the original APB