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The Armas Marketplace is a GamersFirst online (web-based) store for APB:R. Players can purchase or lease APB:R in-game items and services with 'GamersFirst Credits' (G1C). G1C can be purchased using "real-world" money.

GamersFirst Credits (G1C)

GamersFirst Credits are the store credits sold by GamersFirst for real-world currency. These credits can be used to purchase premium items and features in many GamersFirst titles, including APB:Reloaded. In APB:Reloaded, items and features are purchased via the Armas Marketplace. G1C can be purchased from the GamersFirst website.

Armas Items and Services

The Armas Marketplace offers weapons, vehicles, vehicle parts, clothes, emotes, symbols, and other items and services. All weapons can be purchased for temporary lease, ranging from 30 to 180 days, and normally one weapon is available as a special deal for permanent lease, changing every few weeks. All other items are permanent except for the Premium Subscription which is bought in 30 days worth.


Premium Membership

'Premium' can be purchased for different lengths of time, and:

  • Increases the rate of Standing and APB$ gains
  • Decreases Modification cool-down periods
  • Allows for greater customization options
  • Extends Armas Marketplace weapon trials
  • Reduces Armas Marketplace prices by 20% (includes the purchase of Premium, if a player account already has Premium)

Other Services

Players can purchase additional Character Slots and Character name changes.


Weapons can generally be trialed for 3 days, leased for 30 days, or purchased for the lifetime of the character ("character-bound") or the account ("account-bound").

Premium Weapons

Premium weapons are unique variants of the standard weapons, often with unique looks, attributes and/or mods. These generally can not be acquired in-game.

Standard Weapons

It is also possible to purchase some standard primary and secondary weapons in 3-slot and preset variants

Weapon Packs

Weapon Packs are groups of weapons available for lease, but not for purchase.

Weapon Skins

Numerous Weapon Skins are available for purchase through the Armas Marketplace. Only a handful are normally available in-game; the rest normally must be purchased at the Armas Marketplace.


Players can purchase preset customized (but not customizable) vehicles through the Marketplace. One exception is the Vegas 4x4 Rhino, which is a customizable 4-slot Joker Vegas 4x4 with a Rhino kit, and is obtained through the Vegas Rocker Bundle.

Vehicles purchased through the Armas Marketplace do not offer any performance that cannot be obtained in-game; they are only special in appearance.

Bundles and Kits

Vehicle Kits are groups of Vehicle Components that can be used to customize vehicles (typically one model, such as a Charge Mikro. Vehicle Components only serve to customize vehicles, and do not alter Vehicle performance.

Vehicle Bundles combine Kits and Vehicles (in most cases) into one package for purchase. One exception is the Vegas Rocker Bundle, which can be purchased in a "kit-only" version.


Gear sold on the Armas marketplace includes Clothing, Emotes, Symbols, Fonts, and other miscellaneous items sold individually or in packs. Many of these items can be unlocked in-game, while some are only available on the Marketplace.


Below are some custom lists of Vehicles, Weapons, and more. they may not be up to date.


Model Mod 1 Mod 1 Level Mod 2 Mod 2 Level Mod 3 Mod 3 Level Mod 4 Mod 4 Level
Vegas G20-04 "Firebomb" Mobile Supply Unit Meteor! Explosives Ramming Plate